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¡Yo hago mi maleta porque voy de viaje! - Yri  

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About My Trip Directions

¡Yo Hago mi maleta porque voy de viaje!

About my Trip                                                                                                Mi experiencia es tu experiencia


Purpose – This project will enable you to:

·         Think about and plan a trip to a Spanish-speaking country

·         Learn about such things as transportation, shopping, cuisine, places of lodging, and outdoor activities that are typical in your assigned Spanish-speaking country.


This project will also demonstrate your ability to:

·         Write a report (en español, ¡por supuesto!) telling about your future trip

·         Talk about your trip (sí…en español otra vez…)


Step One:  Gather your information and display your findings in an attractively designed brochure/pamphlet or a collage. You should be able to find most of the required information on the “Culture Grams” database.

Find out and document the following (Yes, spelling counts!)

1.       Your country’s capital

2.       The name of the specific place or region to which you will travel within your assigned country – your choice (of place or region)

3.       Transportation systems: By what means do most people get around in this country? What is the road system like? Is there a bus system? Are taxis popular? (Other??)

4.       Outdoor activities: What is the geography like? How is the climate? What are popular outdoor activities? How do the country’s geographic features and climate affect the types of outdoor activities one may enjoy in this country?

5.       Shopping: What sort of things might one find for sale in this country? Are there major shopping plazas? Are there street vendors?

6.       Cuisine: Choose foods that best represent the region you are researching within your country. Include information about a main dish or a side dish, a dessert or beverage, for example.  Also, be sure to include the recipe for your food or beverage choice!

7.       Lodging: What are the options for lodging in this country? Are there hotels, youth hostels, etc.? What is the cost of the accommodations? Where would you like to stay and why?

8.       Currency: What is the name of the currency your country uses? What is the exchange rate?


Step Two: Write a mini report (en español) in which you talk about (a) where you would like to go (include both the name of the place/region and the country name), (b) where/what you would like to eat (typical cuisine), (c) where you plan to sleep and why, (d) what you are going to see/do, € how you plan to get around (transportation), (f) what you plan to buy (shopping), and (g) something that you can’t forget to take with you. Use the visual you previously made for this. (ejemplo: ¡No puedo olvidarme mi traje de baño!)


You will need to use verbs such as ir (and the future ir a + infinitive phrase to say what you are “going to do”), pensar (to talk about what you plan to do), me gusta (to say “I like”) and me gustaría (to say “I would like”), ver, comprar, (no) poder, etc. *Refer to your verb lists for ideas…



                If you use the two verbs side by side, conjugate the first (in the “yo”) and keep the second in its infinitive form.

                When using “me gusta” and/or “me gustaría” be sure to follow each with an infinitive! (ejemplo: Me gustaría montar en bicicleta. = I would like to ride a bike.)


¡OJO! Write neatly in blue of black ink or work process your “chunky” paragraph in Spanish and attach it to the back side of your maleta (that you previously made).


Step Three: To the best of your ability, draw the shape of your country on colored paper, cut it out, and label the capital city as well as the place or region to where you would like to travel. Then glue it to the front of your maleta, as if it is a souvenir sticker.


Step Four: Either draw and color or print out a colored computer image of the flag for your country. Cut it out and attach it to the front of your maleta for a second souvenir sticker.


Step Five: Put your visual inside your maleta along with a copy of the recipe you chose and your brochure/pamphlet/collage, and share your information with the class! (Basically, read your chunky

paragraph aloud in Spanish and answer questions others may have for you in English.)




 Have fun with this!



1.       Make a brochure, pamphlet, or collage in which all of the information you gathered for step one is illustrated – either through pictures, words, or both pictures and words. (Yes, you may write in English for this piece.) For example, have pictures of the foods that are typical of the region you researched. Keep in mind that this is a visual representation of your information; and your goal is to make others interested in traveling to this place.


2.       Follow steps two – five exactly as they appear on your original direction sheet. 


 Important information:

1.       All students will present their brochure (ect.) and their finished maletas in an oral presentation to a group or the class.

2.       This activity will count as one major exam.

3.       Your project will be graded according to the rubric provided.

4.       Due: ___________













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